Weekend coffee share #2

Have you ever been to Newfoundland before? Me neither. Not up until recently that is. Today imagine us meeting in a lightly¬†painted wood cabin, natural light streams in through the oversized windows. White paint flecks from the sills, and outside the green grass almost looks grey it's so shrouded in mist. The trees have a … Continue reading Weekend coffee share #2


The beauty of the chickpea

I'm always looking for simple and fast recipes. That's because I'm always on the go, and I'm sure you are too. Most people don't have the time to come up with healthy recipes and often times will just order in or pick up a pre-made thing at the store. Instead, when I do have the … Continue reading The beauty of the chickpea

Weekend Coffee Share #1

Imagine a room, old brick painted white. Bermuda blue accents on grey linen couches, old botanical and geology prints hanging on the walls. The ceilings are high, accented with natural wood beams painting shadows on the floor from the skylights above. Soft light streams onto the light, pickled wood floor. An orchid sits in the … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share #1

Take Control of Your Life

Have you been feeling like you don't know where to start when it comes to living a healthier, more active lifestyle? I want you to be able to take Control of your life, so here are a few steps to get you on your way. Get outside every day, sunlight and fresh air not only make … Continue reading Take Control of Your Life

Cappuccino on the coast

I run a healthy lifestyle blog, in which many of my posts focus on fitness and nutrition. However, I want all of you ladies to understand that living a healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved if you don't also appreciate the things that make you happy daily. For me, that can be as simple as a … Continue reading Cappuccino on the coast